Singapore Pools Review

Singapore Pools Review

singapore pools

Singapore Pools is Singapore’s legal gambling operator. It provides the public with legal betting opportunities while countering illegal betting syndicates, returning surplus profits to local communities and reporting directly to the Ministry of Finance. Only citizens, permanent residents and those holding valid Singapore foreign identification numbers may participate.

The company has set itself a number of values that include respect, innovation, customer care, integrity and community service. Furthermore, it utilizes modern encryption standards to provide a safe environment for its customers while having obtained WLA Responsible Gaming Framework Level 4 Certification – making them well-known names within their industry and gaining long-standing customer trust.

Singapore Pools provides an easy and safe online betting solution for sports games. Users can place bets using various payment methods – including credit cards – with winnings automatically being deposited to their accounts when winnings are realized. Furthermore, support channels are available if any issues arise while using this platform.

Before beginning playing Singapore Pools, you must register a member account. You have two options for doing this – MyInfo with Singpass and/or online form on our website are both options – though MyInfo takes less time than the latter in terms of identity verification and time spent filling it out.

After you register, you can then log into your account and use it to place bets on sports events and other games, check your balance, purchase tickets and view rules and regulations carefully in order to maximize its use.

Singapore Pools not only offers sports and Toto bets, but they also offer Scratchit games such as Fast Finish Series and Lucky Car Plate Numbers to make for exciting Scratchit betting fun. You could walk away with prizes as long as the last two numbers match up with Cascade Prize number; consolation prizes may also be available for players who don’t take home first place prize.

Singapore Pools is dedicated to being a “Company for Good”, so in 2018 it leveraged its IT capital and expertise to establish iShine Cloud as a charitable organisation, providing other charities with affordable yet integrated charity-specific solutions hosted on a secure cloud-based IT platform for enhanced productivity, governance and efficiency allowing them to focus more fully on better serving their beneficiaries.

PoolzConnect is another way of playing, offering Sports, Toto and 4D betting from your mobile phone. Perfect for people without time or opportunity to visit Singapore Pools outlets in person; PoolzConnect members can track bets through an app-linked member website; plus they can use their PoolzConnect account for games with cash prizes!