Day: March 3, 2024

Top 5 Hong Kong Pool Staycations

Due to the oppressive summer heat, now is an opportune time to seek refuge indoors and take pleasure in some refreshing water action. Here are the top Hong Kong pool staycations options available to you if you are seeking thrills or simply relaxation.

Swimming pools offer not only an excellent way to get in shape, but they are also great places for socialising in Hong Kong’s hot weather. There are countless public and hotel swimming pools you can choose from – here are a few top ones you should visit:

On the 29th floor lies this modern glass-bottomed pool! Enjoy spectacular views of Hong Kong city streets through its translucent waters while gazing up through this transparent pool to relax with a drink from nearby pool bar – or take some gorgeous Instagram-worthy Instagram shots against its breathtaking backdrop!

Kerry Hotel’s stylish pool is not only a fantastic spot to swim but is also an impressive sight, thanks to its classic Roman design and statuesque columns. Additionally, unlike most rooftop pools there are minimal barriers surrounding this one, offering unobstructed views of Hong Kong’s skyline from every vantage point imaginable. Furthermore, this pool is conveniently located next to their legendary Red Sugar Terrace Bar so guests can sip drinks while taking in breathtaking vistas throughout their stay at Kerry.

Tai Po Swimming Pool in Hong Kong is another must-visit spot, boasting one of the largest collections of government-owned pools with main, teaching, diving and leisure pools as well as huge water slides popular with both children and teenagers alike. Plus, it’s open both weekdays and weekends so there will be ample chances to take a dip!

At Victoria Harbour Aquatics Centre, there’s an outdoor pool offering panoramic Victoria Harbour views as well as an indoor complex featuring teaching, leisure and toddler’s pools that is the perfect place for families. In addition, this complex houses Hong Kong’s longest slides for young swimmers to develop their abilities – plus, its easy accessibility from MTR Hong Kong Station makes this destination great for everyone.

Under Phase Two of the Social-Distancing Rules Easing Act, swimming pools were supposed to reopen last Thursday; however due to miscommunication between government and unions, some 38 public pools remained closed for another week for cleaning and disinfection purposes. A spokesperson from Hong Kong Recreation and Sports Professionals General Union reported that 20 of 45 pools informed swimming clubs they couldn’t operate all lanes or facilities allocated for classes, having an adverse impact on sports development and swimmers; it is hoped the remaining pools will start welcoming swimmers on Monday.