Day: December 3, 2023

The Singapore Prize and Its Finalists

singapore prize

The Singapore Prize honours individuals who make an impactful difference in their fields by revolutionising how we work, live and play. The distinctive award program honors those whose innovative ideas have an enormously positive impact on society while pushing its limits further.

At a gala ceremony held at Ritz Carlton Millenia in Singapore on September 30, the 2023 Singapore Prize finalists were unveiled. Five writers were nominated in multiple categories this year; Clara Chow is one such writer; she won English fiction, creative nonfiction and Chinese poetry awards during this program’s history.

At the awards ceremony, Prince William took part in dragon boating and met local people working towards creating a more sustainable future. Additionally, he visited WildAid Marine Program’s WildAid Marine Programme exhibition featuring illegal wildlife trafficking estimated to cost an estimated $20 billion each year worldwide – which also presented awards through Singapore Press Holdings chairman Tan Sri Lim Guan and Temasek chief executive Lee Hsien Loong respectively.

As well as honouring individuals, this prize also recognizes institutions such as universities and corporations with demonstrated a dedication to sustainability in their region, such as Accion Andina, GRST and WildAid Marine Programme as its inaugural winners.

Though still early in its stages, this prize has already made an enormously positive difference across Asia. In 2018, it distributed US$1 million among eight sustainable initiatives and plans to grant another US$5 million over two years – which could generate significant social and environmental benefits, supporting over 1,000 organizations and individuals throughout Asia.

This year’s prize judging panel included experts from diverse sectors – such as environment, finance and technology – selected from among over 100 nominations for consideration. They selected their finalists based on innovative, transformational solutions rooted in research or community engagement that have real world applications.

Nominations for the NUS Singapore History Prize will be open between 1 June and 31 May 2024, and book-length publications that address any time period, theme or field of Singapore history; or contain significant aspects of it within their scope should be submitted for consideration. This Prize aims to promote engagement with and understanding of Singapore history amongst general audiences while encouraging diverse works related to this nation’s past; its administration lies with NUS Department of History so interested parties are strongly advised to visit its website for more details.