Day: November 30, 2023

Hong Kong Pools

hongkong pools

Hong Kong may bring to mind shopping and dim sum, not swimming pools. Yet this city boasts some incredible and breathtaking options – from skyscraper pools with the world’s highest pool to natural infinity pools on mountain sides – for swimming enthusiasts of all kinds. Here are our favourite spots where we love taking a swim – be it for an adrenaline rush or simply to soak up some sun with a good book and glass of wine in hand!

Kowloon Park offers an impressive public pool complex with plenty of amenities, from leisure pools and water slides, to deck chairs, towels and cafe meals – everything needed for an enjoyable swimming experience is here! Open from 15 April until 30 October each year, residents and concessionary cardholders alike are free to use this public swimming facility from 15 April-30 October each year.

Hongkong pools can also be found at local parks and residential estates, providing an escape from the busyness of city life. Here, you may even spot some flamingos! These quieter locations can be perfect for relaxing while taking in the beautiful scenery – and perhaps you might even spot one yourself!

The YMCA Bridges Street Centre offers one of the oldest and most cost-effective pools in Hong Kong. Conveniently located, this pool offers amenities for all ages to enjoy including diving lessons. Open Monday-Sunday between 6:30am-10pm (closed for cleaning on Monday).

At YMCA Bridges Street Centre you’ll find one of only two outdoor saltwater pools in Toronto; perfect for practicing flip turns and dives! Built in 1918 this pool can be found free for all to use.

For an experience of Romanesque grandeur, the Peninsula Hong Kong’s indoor pool offers an extraordinary experience. Boasting wide marble columns and luxurious coffered ceilings that ooze opulence, this relaxing space makes an excellent place to unwind after an exhausting day in Hong Kong.

Kerry Hotel’s 25-metre rooftop pool provides breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour. Amidst tropical plants and daybeds for relaxation and sun tanning, its peaceful space provides a serene escape from Hong Kong’s busyness.

Even with the lifeguard shortage, most public and government-owned pools will open as planned this summer. Leisure and Cultural Services Department has pledged additional resources this season, such as recruiting seasonal lifeguards on two-year contracts. Swimming can be enjoyed by people of all ages and can provide physical and mental health benefits that outweigh any costs; so grab your swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and make a day of it at the pool – it’s the ideal way to escape the summer heat while getting some much-needed R&R